Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Best Mascara EVER!

I neglected my blog again! :(
Anyway, today I want to write about my favorite mascara of all time! My favorite mascara of all time comes from Mexico. It goes by the name Apple Super Long Lash. I have been using this mascara for about 7 years. It's CHEAP and I mean cheap! I have seen it online for about 3 dollars each, but where I live, I have seen them for about a dollar! Talk about cheap, ehh? This mascara stays on all day, does not clump, does not smudge and it is CHEAP! I have tried other mascaras, but I will always go back to this one. Other mascaras do not hold my curl and just make my eyelashes go straight. It might have something to do with the not-so-wet consistency though. 
Anyway, try this mascara out. It is AMAZING!