About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. My name is Virginia and I am a resident of beautiful Los Angeles, California. I am a crazy football and basketball fanatic and I've been this way since I was a child. I follow the Los Angeles LAKERS and Oakland RAIDERS like crazy! My dream job has always been to work for one of them, but who knows if that will ever happen (probably not lol). I was always a bit tomboyish growing up and because of that, my love for nail polish and makeup started pretty late. I love technology as well and I've envisioned myself working for a company like Apple. My other passion is music, not making it, but finding new talent. To sum it all up, I would love to be working in sports, near technology with music! Does that make sense? It probably only makes sense to me lol. I'll try and update this as much as I can. Until later! :)

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