Sunday, December 9, 2012

El Fallecimiento de Jenni Rivera "La Diva de la Banda"/Death of Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera era una idola para muchas mujeres por su fuerte personalidad. Se destacaba como cantante, madre y padre para sus hijos, abuela, tía, hermana e hija. Su muerte deja a mucha gente sufriendo. Afortunadamente, su música y recuerdos se quedaran con su familia y fanaticos que tanto la querían. Que descanse en paz La Gran Diva de la Banda, La Gran Señora, JENNI RIVERA

Jenni Rivera was an idol to many women due to her strong personality. She excelled as a singer, mother and father to her children, grandmother, aunt, sister and daughter. Her death leaves many people suffering. Fortunately, her music and all the memories will live on among her family and all the fans that truly loved her. Rest in Peace to the Greatest Diva of Band, The Great Lady, JENNI RIVERA!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips

So, being a member of Influenster has its huge perks and I'm so glad I joined. I received a full 20-day treatment of Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Advanced Seal and I really couldn't wait to try them.

My teeth have always been pretty yellow and I only saw a slight change when I tried the Crest 3D toothpaste. I always wanted to try these strips, but the price would scare me. They cost, on average, about $40. It may not be that much, but my major dilemma was "What if they don't make a difference? That would be like throwing $40 away!" Because of that, I never bothered to purchase them. Then, Influenster came into the picture and I received my very first Crest 3D Whitestrips.

In the box, you receive 20 treatments and a set of instructions. Each treatment pouch contains an upper, slightly longer strip and a lower, smaller strip. The instructions are very easy to follow and you practically do not need them.

I decided to apply the strips at night so that I could really set time aside to use them without forgetting. They advise to not brush your teeth before applying the strips and I followed their instructions due to my fear of teeth sensitivity. I would brush my teeth after removing them because the residue it left behind grossed me out a bit.

I will admit, I did see a difference after three uses which I was very skeptical about. The downside was that I actually had to wait about four days to see these results. The morning after I first used them, I experienced a lot of teeth sensitivity and I was scared to try them that same night. I waited until the next night, and I still experienced teeth sensitivity, but it was tolerable. After the third use and the rest of the uses, I felt no teeth sensitivity. Boy, was I glad that that the sensitivity subsided because if it had not, I would have probably stopped and would not have seen the amazing results.

The picture above shows my teeth before I started the Crest 3D Whitestrips treatment. As you can see, they were pretty yellow and I am embarrassed by the picture! (Taken with no flash)

This picture shows my teeth after the 20 days of treatment. I can definitely see the difference! (taken with no flash)

Here, I'm actually smiling because I am
happy with my results! (Taken with no flash)
An embarrassing picture of my lopsided smile
that shows my yellowed teeth! (taken with flash)

All in all, I am satisfied with this VoxBox. If I had to rate the strips, I would give them a 9 out of 10. The only reason I don't give them a perfect 10 is due to sensitivity it caused. The results amazed me though and I am glad I was finally able to try them! Definitely try them because "if you're not whitening, you're yellowing!"

Check out the Crest 3D website to learn more about these whitestrips!

Disclaimer: This product was sent complimentary through Influenster.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nume 4Play Curling Wand Set

So, I bought the Nume 4Play and I am already in love with it! It heats up super fast which I love! I hate waiting around for my wands or flat irons to heat up. On this level, the 4Play is amazing. The attachments for this wand include the 32mm, 25mm, 19mm and the 13-9mm reverse wand. So far, my favorite ones are the 32mm and 25mm wands. The 4Play sells for $179. However, before you say that's too much, try buying each wand separately. Once you try doing that, you'll see why it's better for your pocket buying the 4Play. Nume provides many codes that can be used to bring the price lower (on their Facebook page and for some  YouTube gurus). On top of that, Nume sponsors many giveaways so you can try your luck in that way!

Nume Website:
Nume Twitter:
Nume YouTube:
Nume Blog:
Nume Pinterest:
Nume Tumblr:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Best Mascara EVER!

I neglected my blog again! :(
Anyway, today I want to write about my favorite mascara of all time! My favorite mascara of all time comes from Mexico. It goes by the name Apple Super Long Lash. I have been using this mascara for about 7 years. It's CHEAP and I mean cheap! I have seen it online for about 3 dollars each, but where I live, I have seen them for about a dollar! Talk about cheap, ehh? This mascara stays on all day, does not clump, does not smudge and it is CHEAP! I have tried other mascaras, but I will always go back to this one. Other mascaras do not hold my curl and just make my eyelashes go straight. It might have something to do with the not-so-wet consistency though. 
Anyway, try this mascara out. It is AMAZING!

Friday, July 20, 2012


I am pretty sure many people have heard of Copious, but if you haven't, what are you waiting for? I use my account mainly for nail polish, but there is so many other things you can purchase here for ONE penny. When you sign up, you get a $10 credit which you can use to purchase anything. If the price on the item doesn't exceed $10, then you only have to pay a penny. Just follow the link below to try it out. It's awesome and I have never encountered a problem with them! Enjoy!

In addition, use the following link to receive another $10 to your account. This code applies to new and existing Copious members! :)

Monday, July 16, 2012


Seriously, OMG! Kaki from Glitter Obsession is having a crazy giveaway! *Drumroll please* She is giving away not one, not two, but FIVE polishes from the China Glaze OMG collection! Is that not crazy? She is going to make one lucky person a HAPPY winner! What are you waiting for? Enter here now!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Shelly's Sassy Nails Giveaway

Shelly from Shelly's Sassy Nails is having a wonderful giveaway on her blog to celebrate her 1,000+ fans on Facebook. There will be 2 winners and the giveaway is opened INTERNATIONALLY! Make sure you enter here!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Karen Huff Klein- Bus Monitor

I don't know how many of you have heard (or not heard) about Karen Huff Klein, the bus monitor that was bullied by some junior high students. If you have, you will find that what these little monsters did was vile and malicious. I work in a school setting and I know that if we had seen this behavior, these students would have been dealt with immediately. I cannot stand bullying one bit. I was never bullied when I was young, but I can imagine the pain some people have to deal with when they are bullied by others. I have seen so many kids at work being bullied that it brings a knot to my stomach. I cannot believe how some people can be so inhumane or so insensitive. How can you threaten someone just because you don't like them? Bullying has reached a whole greater level and I just hope that exposure to it brings it to a stop soon.

If you haven't seen the video yet, click on the YouTube link below.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just Writing...

I feel so bad that I haven't kept up with my blog. I've been trying to do so many things all at once that I haven't had any real me time lately. I was sick all of last week with tonsillitis and a nasty case of wisdom teeth growth. I got a fever and was THIS close to having an ear infection. It was the worst! I'm all better now so I will do my best to update more often! Til laters (yes, I picked that up from Fifty Shades of Grey lol)!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Have You ever...?

Have you ever felt so low that you had no idea how you were going to make it? That's me right now! I want and need a job that will cover my family's bills. My dad hasn't worked in over 6 years and my younger brother hasn't found a job. I only have one job and I can't find anything else that is higher-paying because they all seek experience. I am getting more and more devastated as the year goes. I need money and a job soon! I hate that I can't help as much as I should.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jesse's Girl

I just wanted to write this blog post to talk about Jesse's Girl Nail Polish. For being a drugstore product, it works like a charm! I recently wrote about a nail gradient I did using two colors from their line and I'M STILL WEARING THEM on my nails! This is an OMG moment for me! I don't have that much time to do my nails, but I try doing them at least every Thursday. By Saturday, my nails are usually chipping like crazy. Not this time though! I did my nails exactly how I've done other nail gradients except that I used two colors from Jesse's Girl near the tips. I have had very minimal tip wear, but nothing too big. I don't even want to unpolish them because I want to see how long they'll last! I definitely will recommend this product because I fell in love!

Looking at the picture above, you can see that my middle finger is the one with the most wear of all! Take into consideration I wash dishes without gloves and I scrubbed my bath tub without gloves either hahaha!

Check the Jesse's Girl Facebook here!


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Just testing!

Monday, June 4, 2012

About This Blog

As you can probably tell, my head is all over the place. I have so many varied interests and that's why my blog is not consistent on one thing only. Right off the bat I can tell you what thing you should expect to read about and they are:

  • Music
  • Nail Polish
  • Football (predominantly anything involving Raiders)
  • Basketball (predominantly anything involving Lakers)
  • Baking & Cooking
  • Technology
  • Books
That's just a simple list of things I might talk about. I might have other random posts, but this list includes the basics lol

Sunday, June 3, 2012

NBA: Lakers

It's offseason in the NBA and during offseason, lots of rumors begin to circulate. The biggest one going around in Laker Land is Pau Gasol getting traded and maybe even Bynum. I'm pretty sure Gasol will get traded, but I'm not too sure about Bynum. Yes, Bynum is getting a little too cocky, acts a bit immature and he didn't show up 100% during playoffs, but there is no denying that this man is a BEAST! Kobe was immature in his younger days as well and now look at him! He is a living legend! Regardless of the rumors though, we won't know what will happen until contracts are sign and finalized. Hopefully we do get Deron Williams though and maybe bring back Fisher? I would love if he retired wearing Purple and Gold. Ahhhhh! The anticipation is killing me! Until later! :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Blue-Green Nail Gradient

So, at the moment I am in love with nail gradients. I decided to do a green nail gradient since I rarely use my green polishes lol. I used OPI Nail Envy as my base coat and then added China Glaze Snow. Then I sponged some China Glaze For Audrey very near my cuticle area, I wanted the white to show. Once dry, I added Jesse's Girl Mermaid's Lagoon. On the tip area, I used Jesse's Girl Glee. I added Seche Vite top coat to seal my mani and to make it look super glossy. I know it's not the best nail gradient out there, but I'm just barely getting into gradients. For being my second try with gradients, I am very satisfied lol. My cuticles are a mess as well because I have yet to master cleaning my cuticle area without getting rid of half of my polish lol
green nail gradient

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kelly's Kolors Giveaway

Kelly's Kolors is having an awesome giveaway to celebrate her blog's first year anniversary. Make sure you enter to have the chance to receive:

Face of Australia-Orange you glad you came?, Face of Australia-You Blue me away!, Australis-Flakie Top Coat, Max Factor Mini-Red Carpet Glam, Max Factor Mini-Sunny Pink, Essence Color & Go-Choose Me!, BYS-Down the Rabbit Hole. 

These are some magnificent prizes and it would be pretty silly if you didn't enter, so make sure ENTER! Giveaway ends Saturday, June 2nd! :)

11 Questions Tag

I was not tagged to do these questions, but Wacky Laki said it was an open invitation to anyone who wanted to answer the following questions. :)

The rules:
- Post 11 things about yourself
- Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
- Create 11 new questions for the people you tag!
- Choose 11 people to tag, link them on your post, and tell them about it

Questions from Theodora of Red Hair and Black Nail Polish:
1. What are your other hobbies, besides nail polish and doing your nails?
I have lots of hobbies, but one of my favorites is BAKING! I'm thinking of opening my own business to turn this passion into something bigger.

2. What is your favorite nail polish color?
Pink, definitely pink!

3. What or who started your nail polish addiction/ obsession?
My nail polish addiction began the first time I watched videos from Say Anything Br00ke's. I blame her lol!

4. What nail polish trend do you love/hate?
I don't really hate any trend. Right now, I am loving the gradient trend. It is so easy and it looks so beautiful.

5. Do you also paint the nails of others, like friends/family?
I paint my nieces' nails since they love being girly girls lol.

6. Where do you buy most of your nail polish?
I buy my polish from eBay, Amazon, Sally's, or anywhere that I can find it cheaper lol.

7. Stamping or freehand Nail Art - what's your favorite?
I prefer stamping since my hands shake a lot when trying to do free hand designs.

8. Would you ever give up your entire collection of nail polish?
I would if it's for a worthy cause.

9. Where would you like to live? And why?
I love where I live! Living in Los Angeles cannot be beat. If I had to choose elsewhere, it would be near the beach or in some hills!

10. What's your best feature?
My eyes/eyelashes? I have pretty big eyes and longish lashes.

11. What's your biggest dream?
To be a successful business owner.

Questions from Kirsten of Geeky Owl:
1. How many nail polishes do you own?
I have a little over 100. I haven't counted them in a while.

2. If you could meet anyone alive or dead who would it be?
Both of my grandpas since they both passed away long before I was born.

3. Your guilty pleasure?
Milk chocolate truffles, I can never have enough of them!

4. What is your favorite film?
Love and Basketball, Poetic Justice, Crash, Mean Girls, Law Abiding Citizen and a ton of others. I wouldn't be able to make up my mind.

5. Favorite music group as a kid?
Bone Thugs N Harmony.

6. Favorite animal?
Monkeys! <3

7. Coke or Pepsi?
I don't drink soda.

8. If you could have accent in the world what would it be?
I love mine!

9. Phobias?
Frogs... Gross, gross, gross!

10. How often do you change your nails?
Once or twice a week.

11. Your favorite quote?
I don't have a favorite at the moment -____-

China Glaze On Safari Giveaway

Everyone should know by now how much I love giveaways and there's a great giveaway being hosted by Glam Polish. This giveaway was created to celebrate her 1,500 followers on her blog! A big congratulations to her as 1,500 followers is a great feat! Prizes will be your choice of six colors from China Glaze On Safari Collection. So what are you waiting for? Enter her giveaway NOW and follow her blog, follow her on Twitter, Like her Facebook page, follow her on Pinterest and on Beautylish.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fifty Shades Trilogy

So, I finished the trilogy last week and OH MY GOSH! I loved the books! I am actually starting them all over again lol. They were a great, easy read. Yes, they were sexually explicit, but there is a reason for it. The second and third book (especially the third book) give you more insight as to why sex had to be part of the trilogy. Although I loved all the books, I have to say the second one was definitely my favorite. Perhaps it became a favorite because it is the one with more romanticism and I have a weakness for that. I highly recommend them! At the end of the day, you'll fall in love with the character that is Christian Grey. My only complaint is that the bonus chapters in Book Three left me wanting MORE. You will understand once you read them. Happy reading!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

I just started reading a book that was recommended by a friend. Fifty Shades of Grey, to be exact. So far, it is a good read. I am still seemingly creeped out by the controlling-everything-has-to-go-my-way Christian Grey. He seems to be hiding something beneath his controlling demeanor. At times, he is so loving and caring, but he seems almost afraid of being that way. It's almost as if he is afraid to fall in love with "Miss. Steele." He doesn't think she should like him, but he goes out of his way to find her. He wants to stay away, but he cannot. I cannot wait to finish this book and move on to the next two to finish the trilogy. Happy reading!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Facebook Etiquette RANT

There should be some sort of fb rules in place.
1. Don’t tell me your whole life story in your status update(s).
i.e. I’m at the mall. I’m eating some chicken. I’m in the bathroom. Now I’m cleaning. Such a long day, I’m going to sleep. I hate him…. (Two seconds later) I love him.
Please, get your act together and stop giving TMI. A lot of us don’t care! J
2. Your/you’re, there/they’re/their, alot/a lot, could’ve/would’ve  vs. could of/ would of, then/than,  yourself/yourselves, to/too/two, are/our, these/this, woman/women, men/man, on/in, its/it’s… You get the point.
3. Use periods, commas, semicolons, colons and any other punctuation marks correctly!  I hate seeing run-on sentences.
i.e. I was going to go shopping but my mom wanted to go eat so I took her then we went to visit my aunt and I hung around with my cousins  then it was time to go shopping and I was so happy because I finally got the new shoes I wanted.
For starters, I have seen people post stuff like this before. Second of all, it goes back to #1. It’s too much damn information. Run-on sentences/fragments just make you look dumb. Sorry.
4. If you’re going to post a quote or a joke or anything at all that you saw somewhere, please add quotations. Don’t pass it on as your own words. It’s called plagiarizing and people can check if you’re the originator lol…
5. LMS… Don’t get me started on this. It’s ANNOYING!

I'll add more as they come along haha

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Leopard Nails and 4-strand Braid

I am currently head over heels in love with my nails and this braid!
The base from my nails are Opi's Mod About You. I absolutely love this color! It's a very white pink, but it is amazing. I saw this color on a post from Scrangie's  and ever since, I couldn't help but love it!  To achieve the leopard print, I used the M57 Konad plate. I am still new to stamping, but I think I did okay for my second try. On top of that, I added some Fairy Dust by China Glaze and covered that with some Seche Vite. I got many compliments on my nails even though I feel that they aren't the greatest.
Now, my braid... Omg, I am so obsessed with it. Only thing that sucks is that because my hair is in layers, half of it comes out. So there you have it, my current obsessions! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just writing...

Since who knows who will ever read this, I'm just going to write my random thoughts here. My sister and I want to begin some sort of business. Possibly a food-related business. I love baking and she loves cooking and we are pretty good at it. However, we have a huge problem... MONEY and how would we generate business. I really hope that we can accomplish this! It would be fun and it would be some kind of way to create money!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Another Awesome Giveaway...

This time is it is provided by SayAnythingBrooke, She is an awesome blog writer and she blogs about NAIL POLISH and makeup! Her YouTube Channel SayAnythingBr00ke is also a must watch! She is one of my favorite personalities on YT! Follow her on both YT and on her blog.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Much Needed Update

I had not posted anything for a long time, even though I kept saying I would. I'm such a procrastinator! Anyway, I decided to write about something today that is currently one of my biggest obsessions: NAIL POLISH! I have become so addicted! I remember when I had only about 15 polishes! Now I have about 100 or so! The shades that seem to dominate my collection are pinks which I find kind of weird since growing up, I detested pink! Now, I am so in love with that color and all its shades! Glitter polishes are a very close second. I love my glitters too, except for the fact that they are so hard to remove! Anyway, I will try to keep this a lot more updated!


A Colores de Carol Giveaway!

Follow the link to enter an awesome giveaway held by Colores de Carol! It's nail polish, so you know it's going to be a GREAT prize if you win! :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have been so busy with school lately, it is not even funny! This semester seems so hard! Integrated Science is not my strongest subject, although I took four years of science during high school lol. Maybe I got wiped out by high school haha. I am trying my best though, no matter what. I do not care how hard it is, I am going to keep pushing.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Want a Mac!

Man, oh man! My computer is getting so slow now. I have less than a year with this computer and I think it is time to upgrade to a MacBook Pro or a Mac desktop. I have a Dell laptop and some unknown brand desktop, but they are both so slow. I want to be able to do so many things, but being as slow as my computers are, I can't. I have been working with Macs since high school when I took an Internet Publishing class as well as a film class. I fell in love with the system and all the programs it offers. Editing films was so fun! I also loved learning how to use Adobe for something other than PDF files. Internet Publishing taught me so many things. A lot of what I learned in high school has helped me out at my job. The students at the school I work with have iPads and Mac laptops for each student. No, not an iPad and laptop both for each student. Rather the younger children have iPads and the older ones have laptops. I'm getting off-subject though. Like I mentioned, working with Macs has helped me as I was able to work with the students and show them all the basics. I was also able to help some of the teachers that are not so internet savvy. I really do want a Mac! :(

Monday, January 2, 2012

New to Makeup

One of my new year's resolutions for this year is to finally learn how to do my makeup. I am 23 years old and the only thing I know how to do is my mascara and eyeliner. I am only able to put eyeliner on my lower waterline though. Can you believe that? I can't do what people call the cat eyeliner. Girls in high school do their makeup better than I! I don't really care for using foundation, concealer, blush etc. All I want to learn how to do is myeye shadow and the cat eyeliner thing lol! I love how much glamour eye shadow and the eyeliner adds to your face. I cannot possibly keep going on like this lol.

First Blog EVER

I've never written a blog before as you can tell by the title. I have always LOVED writing and reading and thus, I decided to create a blog. I'm unsure as to what I will be writing about. I mean, I have so many interests! I love sports, music, reading, writing, clothes, shoes, nail polish, interior designing, technology, learning how to do my own makeup... I could go on, but I am choosing not to. My blog will just take form as I update it, I guess. If you choose to follow me along this journey, jump on in with any ideas. Thank you! Have an awesome day!