Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nume 4Play Curling Wand Set

So, I bought the Nume 4Play and I am already in love with it! It heats up super fast which I love! I hate waiting around for my wands or flat irons to heat up. On this level, the 4Play is amazing. The attachments for this wand include the 32mm, 25mm, 19mm and the 13-9mm reverse wand. So far, my favorite ones are the 32mm and 25mm wands. The 4Play sells for $179. However, before you say that's too much, try buying each wand separately. Once you try doing that, you'll see why it's better for your pocket buying the 4Play. Nume provides many codes that can be used to bring the price lower (on their Facebook page and for some  YouTube gurus). On top of that, Nume sponsors many giveaways so you can try your luck in that way!

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