Sunday, June 3, 2012

NBA: Lakers

It's offseason in the NBA and during offseason, lots of rumors begin to circulate. The biggest one going around in Laker Land is Pau Gasol getting traded and maybe even Bynum. I'm pretty sure Gasol will get traded, but I'm not too sure about Bynum. Yes, Bynum is getting a little too cocky, acts a bit immature and he didn't show up 100% during playoffs, but there is no denying that this man is a BEAST! Kobe was immature in his younger days as well and now look at him! He is a living legend! Regardless of the rumors though, we won't know what will happen until contracts are sign and finalized. Hopefully we do get Deron Williams though and maybe bring back Fisher? I would love if he retired wearing Purple and Gold. Ahhhhh! The anticipation is killing me! Until later! :)

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