Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Facebook Etiquette RANT

There should be some sort of fb rules in place.
1. Don’t tell me your whole life story in your status update(s).
i.e. I’m at the mall. I’m eating some chicken. I’m in the bathroom. Now I’m cleaning. Such a long day, I’m going to sleep. I hate him…. (Two seconds later) I love him.
Please, get your act together and stop giving TMI. A lot of us don’t care! J
2. Your/you’re, there/they’re/their, alot/a lot, could’ve/would’ve  vs. could of/ would of, then/than,  yourself/yourselves, to/too/two, are/our, these/this, woman/women, men/man, on/in, its/it’s… You get the point.
3. Use periods, commas, semicolons, colons and any other punctuation marks correctly!  I hate seeing run-on sentences.
i.e. I was going to go shopping but my mom wanted to go eat so I took her then we went to visit my aunt and I hung around with my cousins  then it was time to go shopping and I was so happy because I finally got the new shoes I wanted.
For starters, I have seen people post stuff like this before. Second of all, it goes back to #1. It’s too much damn information. Run-on sentences/fragments just make you look dumb. Sorry.
4. If you’re going to post a quote or a joke or anything at all that you saw somewhere, please add quotations. Don’t pass it on as your own words. It’s called plagiarizing and people can check if you’re the originator lol…
5. LMS… Don’t get me started on this. It’s ANNOYING!

I'll add more as they come along haha

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